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Anger: The Impossible People


The impossible people in your life may not even realize how they affect your world. In my lifetime, I’ve walked alongside people who rubbed my emotions raw. In retrospect, I gave them the power over me. As I have grown, my ability to process my feelings helps me work with clients who are angry. Since we are all unique and individualized, no two people struggle the same exact way.

The same thing happens with anger. Anger helps us stay safe, alert, and ready to jump if needed. As a secondary emotion, anger helps by a reduction of fear, worry, embarrassment, or negative self-talk.

Read further for a proven tool, which helped me overcome my anger. It is a tool to help reduce your symptoms. As you remove the talons of anger from your mind, maybe you’ll become a funnel for others to find freedom.

Instead of feeling the uncomfortable emotions associated with fear or embarrassment, anger shows up to save us; then by isolation, it destroys connection.

We hold anger in the place of pain. Like a buffer to difficult feelings. Anger propels and thrives with blame and resentment.

If we neglect the process of anger awareness, we neglect the ability to heal from the foundational reasons we experience the emotion. You cannot heal what you refuse to explore.

Just a thought by Pamela

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Aug 15, 2020

The REAL reason why you're hurting?

You're attached to people who have been distant with you.

You're paying attention to people who ignore you.

You make time for people who are "too busy" for you.

You're too caring to people who are careless when it comes to you.

Let those people go.

Jay Shetty.....


Aug 15, 2020

" The quality of your life is the Quality of your Relationships."

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